Was Founded With 3 Guiding Principles.

Support the Family

Working with a doula should feel as simple as sharing a cup of tea with a trusted, experienced friend who understands and respects the ups and downs of becoming  a new parent .  Your doula has professional experience and training in labor, birth, and postpartum. She can provide confidence, encouragement, evidence based information, and physical techniques that makes managing discomfort, asking questions, discussing fears and celebrating change feel easy, safe and empowering. 

Build the Community

The definition of community is 'a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common'. Our belief is that our community is defined not only by our common location, but by a common idea: the more we contribute to our local businesses, neighbors, family and friends, the more we grow and thrive as a community. The founders of DCH, though successful, discovered that it was difficult to support the community as a whole with individual practices. By becoming a collaborative organization, we have an opportunity to provide more resources, hold events and support groups, network with other businesses and help those in need. 

Grow the Profession

While the principles of doula work are as ancient as mankind, it is only within recent years it has become respected as a profession. This has much to do with the value we place on women in the workplace as well as our view of motherhood in the United States. DCH believes that supporting women in the workforce with a livable wage and a work life balance is an essential element to the success of our business. The more we can keep exceptional women in the field to gain experience and education the more we can elevate the profession to garner the respect it deserves amongst family, friends, and colleagues in the birth community.  

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